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An Author ("Prophecy and the Fundamentalist Quest",  "Islam women and the challenges of today", and "Echoes from the Abyss"), a Freelance writer,  Musician, Women's rights activist. M.A., MBA, EdD.




Polygamy: The New Marriage? LUP 392 Segment 1

One husband, many wives. Polygamy seems to be on the rise in North America. Listen Up interviews Farzana Hassan who is against polygamous relationships in Islam and Sheikh ElSayed who is for polygamous relationships in the name of Islam. Also, Irene Spencer escaped a polygamous relationship and is speaking out against the harm it did to her.

One School System Network Press Conference - Farzana Hassan

On Friday, June 22, 2007 at 10 AM in the Media Room at Queen's Park a new organization, One School System Network (OSSN), will introduce itself and its 10 current member organizations: OSSN seeks the elimination of religious discrimination and costly duplication in the Ontario school system through the establishment of a single, secular, publicly funded school system for each official language

Inside the Faith-based Funding Fight

Posted on: 04 September 2007 by Daniel Kitts

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party's promise to extend funding to private, faith-based schools is the early favourite to be the most divisive issue of the 2007 Ontario provincial election.



Family of the Heart Seminar

MAY 31- "RELEVANCE OF QURAN IN THE 21st CENTURY" - @ Tandoori Culture Pickering